Our Amazing Partners

Huge thanks to the below partners who have already jumped onboard to support Dare to Dream. These are truly a collection of companies with a vision and passion for adventure.

Thanks to macpac for kitting us out with clothing and equipment, keeping us comfortable in the most inhospitable of conditions.

Based in Christchurch; macpac has developed into one of the world’s most trusted and respected outdoor brands, sold in more than 30 countries around the globe. Macpac creates authentic, technical clothing and equipment brand for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s commuting in the city, walking the dog in the park, exploring the trails in the forest, travelling the globe, or scaling the world’s highest peaks. From the city to the mountains and everywhere in between.

visit the online store here.

When preparing for any outdoors challenge, you can’t do better than enrol yourself on some training with Survive First Aid. We did, and we’re being put through our paces! Thanks to all the Survive First Aid team for sending us off with a new sense of confidence.

Survive First Aid has been founded to provide quality, tailored Emergency Response and First Aid Training needs throughout Australia. Every staff member has a passion for education and believes in what we do. If you would like to find out more about Survive First Aid team members, please click here

A big shout out to our amazing Project Consultant at Oceanus Rowing – Simon Chalk, who with wife Gemma have been an invaluable resource to getting this project close to completion. Thanks guys :-)

Simon Chalk, arguably the worlds most experienced ocean rower. To date Simon has rowed the Atlantic six times and the Indian twice, skippering all number of crews and holds lots of Guinness World Records for his endeavours, including the “most ocean rows by one person”

To Neaves Rowing Services, for looking after our bottoms with their incredibly comfortable rowing seats!
Located on the Morning Peninsula, DP Marine offers a full range of boat building services, from off the beach boats, to off shore ocean racing and everything in between. Find out more here.
Thanks for going beyond the call of duty, not only printing and sticking some great labels but even delivering the boat to the port. Amazing dedication to the cause!
‘Enterprise grade tracking and telemetry solutions’… Just what we need to stay connected and stay safe on the North Atlantic!