In June 2015, Pete Fletcher and Tom Hudson aim to become the first pair in history to row unassisted from New York to London – a journey of over 3,000 nautical miles. Since the first ever successful ocean rowing crossing by Harbo & Samuelson in 1896, few have succeeded in following them across the cold waters of the North Atlantic.

Pete and Tom’s ambitious project was born out of a passion to test themselves in a new and unfamiliar environment. In potentially the fasted mobilisation of expedition experts ever seen, Pete and Tom had an accomplished team rise to the call, forming an expedition planning and support unit that will have them rowing away from New York with the best possible preparations laid before them.


Pete and Tom will set off from New York (40N, 74W) in May 2015 and aim to track the Gulf Stream to ultimately reach Bristol, UK (51N, 3W) by the end of July 2015.

As far as possible the boys aim to hitch a ride with the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic current which slowly track North East across the ocean. These currents are born from the combination of constantly blowing easterly trade winds in the tropics, westerly winds in the northern latitudes and the Coriolis effect from the earth’s rotation, which together cause the water mass in the North Atlantic to slowly rotate in a clockwise pattern.

As the Gulf Stream emerges from the Florida Straits north of the Bahamas, it flows along the coasts of Georgia and the Carolinas before veering northeast to pass by Nova Scotia and mix with the cold south flowing Labrador Current. As the Stream moves east towards Europe it breaks up into several broad currents, called the North Atlantic Current or Drift, which ultimately splits into the southerly flowing Canary Current and the North Equatorial Current.

Brits have a great deal for which to thank the North Atlantic Drift, as it relatively warm waters greatly moderate the UK climate. Then again without this warming influence Britonians would enjoy many more white Christmases!


Pete Fletcher

“On 27th Dec 2004 I had a head on collision with a guy speeding down the wrong side of a freeway.

When I came around I was so thankful to be alive that nothing else really mattered. I left my job as a Diamond Wholesaler and resolved to do something more me. Luckily I found World Challenge, a student-led expedition company with the belief that crucial life skills are developed from real world experience.

Powerful and inspiring, World Challenge has not only shaped who I am today, but also how my wife and I empower our three little girls: Willow, Gracie and Daisy. When Tom came up with the idea to row the North Atlantic it was a no-brainer!”.

Tom Hudson

“Taking on an ocean row is a strange decision for me to describe. From stories that I’ve read, there’s little to suggest that it will suit my personality, or indeed provide any real fun at all. I currently wake up slowly each morning with several strong coffees, and I don’t find the thought of a cold wave slapping me in the face the least bit amusing. Despite this, I do understand the value of an experience and I’ve seen firsthand how pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will change the way that you see and model your future.”



Contrary to many expedition style diets, Pete and Tom have decided to resist the temptation to bring high sugar/high carbohydrate style rations with them on the crossing. Instead, they’ll be hoping to emulate the Inuit practice of taking high fat based foods on expeditions, providing them with much greater calorie to weight ratio, and slow energy release over a prolonged period of time.